Sunday, October 5, 2008

A week in review.................

The two pictures above were taken before church this morning...I love June in this little geometric dress so I thought I would post the pics!
I did not work today so I am actually posting "A week in review" in the I post I wonder...Do any of you really care what happened to us this week? Should I try to be more entertaining in my writing style? Are you just checking the blog to see pictures of June? Most likely most of you are just trying to see new pics of June and the boys, so included in this post are pictures of June.
As usual, busy addition to all the after school activities Russ was out of town. Although Russ was gone, I managed to fit in some time for myself after the kids went to bed. I played on the computer and talked on the phone with my dear friend R! We changed our friend E's blog in anticipation of her referral of her daughter Flora. School went well for the boys and we seem to being settling into a good routine. Next week is the last week of football season and I hope that will ease up our schedule a little.
Sports update.....Max's team had a win, Jake's team had a win, and unfortunately TJ's team lost. Nannie and Poppie stopped by to see part of Jake's game and played with June on the sideline(which is good for me because June is a BUSY, BUSY, girl). I actually thought that a girl would not be as busy as the boys, however, I was very wrong!
June is growing and changing so much every day....this week she has become a lot more vocal and opinionated. When I discipline her she puts her head down, twiddles her thumbs, and then gives me a kiss....boy does she know how to work it! Her favorite movie this week is "Alvin and the Chipmunks", she loves to dance to the music.
Last but not least, the garden, still we harvested carrots and processed them for the winter. We have some green peppers left and a few tomatoes, hopefully next week will end the garden. Russ asked what I wanted to do with the garden next year, my answer was "Sod."....I know it won't happen and I hope to do a better job with it next year because I do enjoy working in the yard when I am able!
Have a great week!
P.S. June has learned to take off her clothes...this can mean nothing but trouble for me.....did I mention she already knows how to take off her diaper?

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