Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad hair day...................

Although I am pushing 4o(did I just post that) I have held out for a long time with no gray is different. While styling my hair today, 3 wiry, rogue, gray hairs showed themselves...UGH! Good thing I have a cut and color scheduled for 6pm tonight:)


Sherri & Todd said...

This is my first time on your blog, I saw it on RQ's site. Your blog is very nice. I have to say i'm very happy to see that McCain and Palin sign on here as well, I sure hope they WIN!!! And about the gray hairs, there pretty nice looking, I don't let them bother me - I got my first at 40 and my head still looks good, there pretty much hiding and not on the outside.
take Care,
LID 08-08-06

Jen said...

What??? You are just NOw noticing grey hairs? Get in the back of the line sister! Way back. I think if it wasn't for grey hair I would hardly have any! Oh well, that's why God invented foil and bleach. Welcome to yet another club you maybe didn't want to join :)