Sunday, August 17, 2008

A week in review.............

Each week I am reminded of how much I age each week, mostly because I have a harder time each Sunday trying to remember what happened the previous week. That being said, as usual we had a busy week. Full of football, friends, and back to school prep. Did I mention the boys go back Tuesday?
I decided to school supply shop by myself...good idea. I started at Staples, then Wal-Mart. I completely filled a cart at Wal-Mart but could not fit my regular household necessities. I decided to load the car, go back to Staples for the items Wal-Mart was out of and then back to Wal-Mart for the basics. Had all the boys come with, there would have been two carts, a lot of complaining, and no where for June to sit. I will be glad to get all of the school supplies back to school. Did I mention the boys go back Tuesday?
As you can read below our first football weekend went well. TJ starts soccer this week and has a tournament this coming weekend. After school is going to be a challenge for a few months. Every week day at five 1-3 of the boys needs to be at practice, wish me luck!
June continues to keep us hopping! She is proficient at climbing anything, and I do mean anything! She likes to swim and loves being outside. She is very independent and might I say, stubborn? However, despite her independent nature she is sweet, funny, and lights up our days. I am looking forward to the boys going to school so we can work on "please"....with three older brothers, one whine and a finger point gets her anything her heart desires.....I have some work ahead of me! We did pass a milestone this weekend. We had our one year post placement appointment with our social worker. She will write her final report to send to China. She will also write a court report to help finalize our re adoption for the state. It is hard to believe we have almost been home for a year!

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