Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week in review.......

Although, this week was very long and somewhat stressful, this post will not be too long because I am tired. June has started getting up around 5:15am and it is wearing me out!

My week started with a bang. I had a minor medical procedure that became infected and very painful. At the same time June was cutting three teeth and had a very low threshold for holding her breath. Yes, I had to call 911 again! June is fine and I seem to be the one who can not get it together on this breath holding thing. After a little research, we have decided to make a few dietary changes to see if we can decrease the number of episodes. Also, I am trying to make sure she does not get overtired because that seems to increase the likeliness of an episode. We will see how it all goes. Today was the first "breath holding free" day in a long time....I am truly thankful! Hopefully I can begin to "de-stress"....

The highlight of the week was Max making his First Holy Communion. He has a tender heart and we are so proud of him. The other highlight of the week was a GWCA East meets West dinner. Russ, June, and I went to the dinner and were able to meet some of the staff from GWCA that helped us through our journey in China.

Last but not least a Junie update....All is not gloom and doom with the BHS. June continues to add words to her vocabulary, she will eat just about anything put in front of her, she has a strong will, she is very sweet, and she loves to be outside.

June in her red swing...

June drawing with chalk on the driveway..

....and I almost forgot Mother/Son bowling today, a good time was had by all!

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Sister-Mom said...

June is a doll! love your blog & please email me.
I LOST your email. My parents traveled to china & met you.
I love your header how did you do it? I want to do a custom blog template.