Sunday, April 13, 2008

A week in review.....

I enjoyed last weeks "week in review", therefore, I thought I would start a new tradition on "June makes six". Unfortunately, I did not loose the car and nothing was plunged into the toilet. This week was actually pretty uneventful....we were remodel free for the week and most soccer was canceled due to weather(yes, even some snow).

Today, we had the chance to see June's 1st Birthday Photos, they are amazing. Thank you KS if you are reading, you captured Miss June the way I hope to remember her. Speaking of Miss June, she gets busier each day. When the boys were running circles around me in their toddler years I thought, " I can't wait to have a girl, she will color and play quietly with her toys and read books...", not this girl. June is a whirl wind. Her new favorite kitchen spot is the lazy susan (I know, watch her fingers). Within minutes, while I am standing in reach, June can empty both shelves and can even poor maple syrup on the floor! June continues to add to her vocabulary, most words recognizable by her family only, but she is consistent with the words she uses. Her bedtime "peek-a-boo" has become a nightly tradition and I love it! June seems the really enjoy being outside and since she doesn't seem to mind worms maybe we can get her to use the Disney Princess fishing pole we bought her to use at the cabin while we were waiting for her.

Next week is a big week at our house, Max makes his First Communion. This weekend we tried on his clothes, he looked so handsome and grown up! We look forward to his special day. On another note, the Pope will be in the United States this week, what a true honor for our country. You can follow his journey here.

Here is to a snow free 8 months!!!

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