Monday, April 14, 2008

June goes to sleep....

We had a very long and busy day, June was definitely over tired. At 5:45 she was crying, sucking her thumb, and trying to eat dinner. By 6:oo I decided to put her to bed, she had held her breath a few times and she was too tired to even change into her PJ's(a long sleeve onsie would have to do). As I rocked her, comforted her, and held her tired body I thought of all she had been through in her short life. I hope and pray that the infinite, overwhelming love, Russ, myself, and the boys feel for her will someday ease the pain she may feel at the loss of her birth mother. I feel so blessed that God placed June in our family. June is a sweet and loving baby, the joy she has brought to our family in the last six months is immeasurable.

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