Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just around the corner........

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was listening to the radio in the car and the announcer said "only 64 days until Christmas".  I started doing the math and realized it is going to come up soon and I have to say I am okay with that.  Usually, Christmas is a stressful time of year for me, I don't really enjoy it like I should, however, I am confident this year will be different!  The past three months have been full of change for me, maybe, it was a mid-life crisis, I don't know.  I do know I have changed how I do just about everything, I feel better physically and mentally and am trying to enjoy my day to day life in a way that I have not done before.  It may sound silly, but I am trying to enjoy the little stuff, even the stuff I don't like to making school lunches...and you know what, it's working.  So this year I am going to embrace Christmas, bring it on!  The girls are still small and eager to celebrate the season and I am going to enjoy all of it with them.  So Merry Christmas a little early.

 I picked up some twine and tags the other day at Ikea and thought I would have a bit of fun with my camera.  Hope you enjoy, sorry for the overload!







PS: Been working on some projects around the house that I hope (cross my fingers) to share.  We will see how it goes with my periodic blogging:)
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