Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Junie.....

Happy Birthday to my sweet eight year old...oh how the time goes by.  I love this girl with my all my heart.  I was so glad she let me take a few shots of her for her birthday because I never want to forget her beautiful face at every age.  Truth be told she does not like to get in front of my camera anymore so I was very happy she agreed to "one" shot.  Lucky I was fast and grabbed a few more.  This first one is my favorite it captures her perfectly!  In fact the three individual pictures tell her story by the expressions on her face.






June turns eight today and she has been with us for seven and one-half years.  I was in love the instant I saw her and she has continued to brighten each day I am lucky enough to have with her.  I struggle to find the perfect words to describe her, she is strong, stoic actually, she is her own person,  funny, creative, artistic, inquisitive, smart, and, sometimes shy.  Her smile will make you melt and she has a laugh that will fill a room. Just yesterday she said she wants to be an artist and a dress designer when she grows up...if you have seen any of her art and crafting she is on her way.  

Happy Birthday June...we all love you!
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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Happy Birthday miss June! May all your dreams come true!

Kim Stevens said...

Happy Birthday to your Lil' Miss June...I really can't believe she is 8!

She is still as precious and even more beautiful than when I first started following you here. She is one lucky girl to have you for her momma!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday June!!