Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweet treats...

I love Valentine's day, probably because I love pink and hearts!  Every year I make the girls Valentine's for school( with their help of course) and this year we made some "Sweet Treats" for the teachers and neighbors too!




I found these cute little tags on Pinterest you can print them from "she wears many hats" ..(I also had fun touring her blog).  The jars are half-pint canning jars from Walmart, they are the Walmart brand and I liked them because they have no markings at all on the glass and they were a steal, six dollars and some change for 12 jars.  The best part, Gimbal's jelly heart good!  I put all of it together with some ribbon and twine I had around the house.  I did have to fill the candy when the girls were not around however, because they would have tried to eat all the candy hearts:)
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Tamar SB said...

How sweet! I just love all the red in contrast to the 6+ feet of white outside!

Hannah said...

Those look great. I'm sure the teachers loved them! I always want to be that mom with the cute valentine stuff...instead I end up buying a pack at Target every year.

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