Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Afternoon's

Since I work every other weekend, my weekends off are usually super busy.  This weekend however I am trying to take it easy.  We had a laid back day and tonight Russ and I have a "black tie" event to attend for work.  I have not had to get this dressed up since prom...or my wedding.  Here is a little peek at how I spent part of the day.

 I guess as a side note I should tell you a little about our tree.  My mom and dad bought that tree for Russ and I back when Russ was in graduate school, I think before we were married which makes that tree over 23 years old.  It is called a Calamondin tree and you can use the fragrant small citrus fruit in tea or eat them as small snack (very small).  This particular tree has been through a lot, there have been times when it lost all of it's leaves, did not produce fruit, and times that it has had so many blossoms you could smell it two rooms away.  It has lived in 4 states and 5 locations.  Russ loves plants and I have to say this one has been a keeper and a constant part of our home.  I hope to plant one for each of the kids as they embark out into the real world someday so they can take a piece of our home with them.




Enjoy your weekend!

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likeschocolate said...

Cozy! I am impressed! I don't know how you keep your sofa so white! Someday I dream of owning a white couch!

Tamar SB said...

You have young kids and your white couch is in better shape then mine! I'm impressed.
Hope the event was fun.

Tricia said...

What a pretty room! I love the story that goes along with that pretty little tree. I'd never be able to keep a plant alive for that long! Does the fruit taste like clementines?

Hannah said...

It looks like an awesome spot to just BE for a bit.