Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Morning Snuggles

Today is a "snow day", technically a "wind chill" day and I am so glad.  Over Christmas break with all of the activities I did not get a chance to relax so today is a nice treat.  We are going to be hunckered down, toasty in the house, making cookies and chicken noodle soup.  I may even put all the Christmas decorations sitting on the ping pong table in the basement in totes!  This morning I was greeted with two girls ready to snuggle and chit chat.



Last year by this date we had over 34 inches of snow and negative temperatures....although it's cold today our Winter is nothing like it was last year.  Let's hope this one is short!
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Tamar SB said...

Stay warm! We're in school but it's too cold to go out!

Hannah said...

We ended up having an extra week at home because Sophia's teacher had to take an unexpected trip...we still had school but it was so nice to just stay home and slow down a bit.