Monday, October 20, 2014

Long time no post...

Whew, its been a long couple of weeks around here!  High school soccer is complete and I am hoping to get a little break before the holidays arrive.  I have not been taking many pictures lately, just not enough time in each of my days.  However, today I decided to pull out the big camera and take some shots of K-Kups (my new nick name for Kendall).  She likes to control the music on the Ipad and was playing some Daft Punk and cutting a rug and being just a little silly.  Max joined in at the end and I was able to get just one of the two of them...sigh!





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Tamar SB said...

She is so adorable!

Hannah said...

She is really cute :) I love the last shot, I bet you do too!

Things are crazy here too. As soon as soccer was over everything else went into hyper drive. I'm counting down the days till I close shop for the year and have one less thing on my plate! Hope your fall is a good one!

Sean and Mic said...

Fall is my favorite season but jammed packed with things! Here's hoping Nov and Dec are not quite so busy. Wait, did I really just say that?? :) Hahahaha.