Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My heart

My heart is breaking just a little bit today. It is the first day of first grade.  Six years ago this week we were waiting to travel to China to bring home this amazing little girl who would change our lives.  Today I send her away for the whole day and my heart will ache without her.  I will smile and kiss her forehead as I send her off and I will pray for her all day.

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In all fairness, I will be praying for all the big boys too.  Today it is just me and the little spit fire!  When I was putting the girls to sleep Kendall was crying that she would miss June and wanted to go with her, it is going to be an adjustment for her too. Here is to June and a great first day.

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Elisa said...

Hope it all went well!!

Tricia said...

Oh, I know, it's so sad isn't it?! They get big so fast. My girl starts the day after Labor day...she'll be in first grade too :(