Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rainbow Photo Booth

Well, we are mid-week through June's Birthday week........YEAH!  It has been a little wild around here, parties, work, Russ out of town, snow days, and no school since last Friday.  Yesterday was June's actual birthday and we celebrated with a snow day and all 5 kids home wanting 5 different things at the same time, luckily I survived the day and school is on today:)

Today, I thought I would share an easy project for a photo booth.  When June said she wanted a "Rainbow" themed birthday party I hit Pinterest to look for ideas.  I found THIS photo booth and decided to make one of my own.

Here is how I did it.  It was easy breezy and all of the materials cost less than $15, best part it took less than 30 minutes to assemble!

collage numbered

1.  Supplies: wooden frame, ribbon, wood glue, self adhesive stickers, foam, scissors, hammer, fishing line, and Command adhesive hooks.

2.  Place a small amount of wood glue on joints of frame.

3.  Assemble frame, tapping corners lightly with hammer to secure.

4.  Attach self adhesive squares to frame.

5.  Attach ribbon to self adhesive squares.

6.  Trim ribbon.

7.  Measure and cut foam clouds.

8.  Attach clouds with adhesive strips.

I plan on using Command removable hooks (one of my all time favorite products) to hang the frame from our ceiling with clear fish line.

The End!

frame final wm

There you go, easy breezy and June will have a photo memory with each friend at her party this Saturday.  Can't wait, it has been a while since we had an at home kids party....wish me luck!

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Tamar SB said...

That is SO creative!!

likeschocolate said...

What a darling idea!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

SO adorable & I love June's outfit too. Oh how I wish we didn't live with the whole country between us. :) Thanks so much for sharing this with me this week Tiffany- it warms my heart!

Amy said...

So cute! What a great idea.

Kim Cunningham said...

Really, really cute!

Tish said...

oh my! that is absolutely adorable!! what a fantastic idea!!

Miggy said...

OMG, cutest idea ever!!! Happy Birthday June!!

Bi Ti said...

Ooooh, your daughter is too too cute! We are having our first linky party on Thursday PM, we hope you can join us at :-)

Tracey from Haiku.You.Do said...

So cute and smart! I did a photobooth with my twin's bday, but I wasn't that creative. I just set up my iPad with the Photobooth Ap. I put a white curtain in the background and lots of funny props to choose from! Your idea is cuter!

Hannah said...

Seriously awesome!

Hannah said...

Seriously awesome!

Eric Jackson said...

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Feonacy Tyson said...

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