Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin picking snapshots

It was off to the pumpkin patch this weekend.  While there is nothing photographically spectacular about my shots, they are spectacular for one reason.....all seven of us are in the pictures.  There is at least one picture of each of us, including me!  It was a cool but sunny morning and we drove out to the farm that was only a stone's throw from our old house (tradition dies hard here).  The boys had been visiting friends and met us at the farm, I had all my people for a few hours....happy day for me!

We started out with a hayride to the pumpkin field.


I believe this is a field of asparagus, the yellow was beautiful.


For those of you who have seen "Cars" or Cars three as Kendall calls it, Frank made an appearance.  So clever, it made all of us chuckle, even the big boys.


Then it was time for the pumpkins.


Kendall was ready to go, we had to hold her tight on the hayride.


The boys even posed for a few pictures.  Jake was sporting his new "Finn" hat and for you Sienfeld fans....It is not a pick".


Max was trying hard to dodge the camera, but I got him!


June, of course, is always ready!


TJ was in good spirits and helped the girls pick their pumpkins, he also acted like a big brother (more to come).




This pumpkin caused a lot of banter among the boys for some reason.


They even let Kendall play.


And as brothers will do, after all of the jokes about the pumpkin.....they told Kendall to fart on the pumpkin.  Of course, she did, or tried, being the youngest of five she has a lot to learn about brothers!  Classy, right?


After a while in the pumpkin patch we loaded back on the hayride, one of our fellow riders took this shot.  Look, I am in a picture.  Look, all seven of us in one picture....amazing!


After we headed to the barn for apple doughnuts, the boys headed home, and Russ, June, Kendall, and I headed over to "Gingerblossom" to check out their latest finds.

  Have a great week!
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Katherines Corner said...

what a wonderful way to make memories. love all of the happy photos! xo

Susan W said...

So great to see all 7 of you in one shot!

likeschocolate said...

It looks like it was cold that day! Love the owl hat!

Tricia said...

Looks like a great day! I like how all you girls match :)

Hannah said...

Awesome family shot!! That is a miracle :)

It looks like a fun day :)