Thursday, September 20, 2012

You should be dancing...."Gru"

Well, this is a learning curve.  Blogger finally has forced me to use their new interface.  I have been avoiding it for as long as I could, however, today I had no choice and this post took me a little longer than I would have liked!

Now on to business.  The girls have been dancing, a lot.  They have also been mixing their own music on Russ's I pad.  You can see here they are hard at work deciding what to play.  Kendall and June are both technically gifted in electronic operations.


I will say, however, the usual song of choice is "You Should be Dancing" by the Bee Gees, or in our house Gru.  For those of you who have seen "Despicable Me" you may know what I mean.  At the end of the movie Gru dances with his girls....the song you might have guessed is "You Should be Dancing".  Follow? 


The dancing starts and keeps going on and on and on, until the song ends.  Then Kendall runs to the I pad and plays "Gru" again.


You get the idea, play, dance, repeat.


On this day we had the vagabond princess look going.


More dancing.  I am loving that these girls have so much fun together (most of the time:)


Dance instruction by June.


Twirling and spinning are very important to the girls when they are cutting a rug!



And since we are still unpacking, boxes are a usual part of our play time.



Hope you enjoyed our show!


Have a great weekend, thanks for the visit!


Tricia said...

They're so cute! You're so lucky that they get along so well. My two are constantly just about drives me crazy :)

June said...

Better put dance lessons on the agenda! Hope everyone is settling in ok.

The Smiths said...

Beautiful photos and I too was avoiding the new interface. I guess we'll have to learn it now no matter what. :-)

Elisa said...

Sisters...while I am pretty sure that I can't handle another one, I do get sad that my little stinker will never get to experience this. Lucky you :)

Ruthie said...

So cute!! I was also avoiding the new interface. :( Oh well. Great photos!

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

These are so darling Tiffany!!!! I love them!!

Hope things are good- Hugs!

Hannah said...

Thank you! I was switched over to the new blogger format today and it took forever to post anything. I hate it. I'm sure I'll stop having blonde moments and get over it but today it took forever.

They are adorable :) Love the dancing and the messy princess look :)

lisaplus6 said...

this is just the sweetest!! they are so so cute! I also have two little girls who love to dance and need to take some pictures of it! thank you for the inspiration!