Friday, August 24, 2012

It has been a long week....

It has been a long week. Sunday night was our first night in the house. It was good to finally have a place to call our own. The boys were happy to sleep in there beds and the girls were excited to share a room. The house turned out lovely. However, I said, "It has been a long week". Our first morning was a mess. After 4 showers our main septic line into the house backed up into the house warping hardwood floors and ruining ceiling tiles. We need a new main line. The next day our tubs would not drain, we had about 6 inches of water in each tub. Not only would the tubs not drain, there was a crack in the plumbing line and our ceiling in the family room/kitchen filled with water. It was a long day. I did the ugly cry a few times as our contractor and his associates moved our furniture out to pull our ceiling out to get to the plumbing (our house is older with no access panels). I pulled myself together only to find the leak had been there for some time and filled part of the ceiling with mold. Luckily we were able to get all of it out.....our leak was a blessing in disguise.


If it was a long week, Thursday was also a long day. Not only did my freshly painted ceiling get pulled down, the inspector decided to change his mind on our existing escape window in the basement. The window was an existing structure, we improved it by installing a true escape window. However, we were told we need to enlarge the opening in the basement wall and install a new window. UGH!!! We may appeal, but are not sure of the outcome at this point.


Despite all of our set backs this week, we love the house, the location, and the yard. It is taking us a little longer to get settled than we would like, but we are only grateful for our "new" home. I should say our "new-old" home. When we are done almost everything will have been replaced.

More to come soon I hope, I am missing my blogging time, my camera, and regular old down time. The kids had a big week and June had her first day of Kindergarten (I missed her a ton). Hope to share more next week. Have a great weekend.
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Pieni Lintu said...

Lovely roses!!!

Have a nice weekend! <3

Tricia said...

Oh, you poor thing! Didn't the septic system have to be pumped out and inspected before you bought the house? I think that's what people have to do here. I hope the coming week is better for you. On a happier note, your photos look beautiful. Hugs :)

Elisa said...

I'm sorry :( Hopefully you got it all out the first week! Can't wait to see the pics and I'm glad you are finally in!