Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preschool Graduation

It seems like yesterday I was holding this sweet girl in my arms rocking her to sleep, now she is getting ready to start Kindergarten. How time flies.......Today was Preschool Graduation and it was so sweet. Of course there was music that makes you teary, prayers, singing, and then the gowns....oh those cute gowns.


The Graduate...


There is my Mom...gotta love it!


Prayers and songs....


Then I wanted to get a few shots of June outside. Let me say, she was NOT interested. I was able to get one, then I got the stare:)


How could I blame her? The fun was about to begin. After a small reception inside, the highlight of the day was about to begin. One of the boys in June's class is the luckiest boy in the world. Why, you ask? His grandma owns an ice cream truck. Ice cream for all. Let me tell you, the kids were EXCITED!!!!


All the kids were included....parent's too!


Do you remember when you were a kid and could not decide what to get? There were so many choices. June and Kendall both ended up with "Cotton Candy".




June enjoyed her treat and visited with her friends.


Kendall was on the go...even with her ice cream:)


Happy Thursday and thanks for the visit.

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Susan said...

Oh Tiffany,

This was a major milestone! And what a fun way to celebrate, ice-cream.

She looked precious in her gown.

It won't be long until her little sister follows behind.

Great pictures.

Have a blessed day!

Elena said...

Great pics! Looks like a great day! Yeah, you gotta love the stare! You can't really fight it ;o)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

She is so cute. Congrats on the graduation. Time really flies by. Mine starts kindergarten in the fall too.

tiarastantrums said...

look at how cute she is in her gown!

Heather said...

So cute, Great pictures, She looks grown up in that gown.

Em S said...

She looks so grown up in her gown. What a fun day!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

HOW EXCITING Tiffany!!!! Congrats to her! I would be ALL OVER that ice cream. In fact- I am thinking I need to now go find some.

So happy to see you posting- I have been wondering how you have been doing with the house & everything else. Like you were not already so busy. Can't wait to hear the updates as you have time. Hugs!

Elaine A. said...

Oh man, best Grandma ever, right!? Ha! Congrats to your little graduate. Mine middle child did the same this week. On to Kindergarten! :)

Eva said...

What a special time. Adorable. And ice cream for everyone??? Wowie. Big score! Congratulations!

Hannah said...

Congratulations!! It's amazing how fast it is flying by.

Elisa said...

I love the stare- I would rather get that then the yell I get "No More Pictures!!"
Hope you are hanging in there!!!

Tricia said...

Oh, how cute! My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall too. Isn't it sad how quickly time goes by?! Hope you're doing well :)

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Oh, what a special day! Congrats to her. Love those sweet little faces ;)

Miggy said...

Congrats to June! She's growing up so fast.
btw, I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

Melissah said...

Your kids are all way too cute and such beautiful photography with lots of bright colours. I just stumbled across your lovely blog - I look forward to popping back soon for some more photographic inspiration!

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