Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweet Sixteen....

Sweet Sixteen....boys can be sweet too, right? It is hard to believe that 16 years have passed since this child entered the world...what a 16 years it has been. I remember "older" people telling me how fast the time will go. I remember not really believing them, because as you know, some days seem like forever when you are raising children. Well, now I am "old" and I can tell you, it has been a blink of an eye. Happy Birthday to you Theodore James, we could not be more proud to call you son. Enjoy your special day!



I thought it would be fitting to share 16 things about TJ on his Sweet 16...

1. His favorite color is red.

2. He attends Catholic High School.

3. TJ plays defense on his soccer team.

4. TJ pole vaults.

5. TJ LOVES to snowboard.

6. His favorite band is The Dave Matthews Band...wait that's me he loves Deadma5.

7. His favorite chips are Tangy BBQ.

8. He has a candy problem....yes I know about it:)

9. He adores his sisters and secretly likes his brothers.

10. He likes to mix music and would love to be a music producer.

11. His first car is a 2ooo Subaru Forester

12. He takes Latin.

13. He plays acoustic guitar and trumpet.

14. TJ does not like heights or eggs.

15. He is good at math.

16. He is out going, caring, (and since I am his Mom) handsome too, don't you think?

Love ya bud....Hope you have a fabulous Birthday.

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Tricia said...

Yes, he is handsome :) Happy Birthday to your son, Tiffany. Time does go so fast, doesn't it?

Rebecca said...

It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for our kindergarten boys at *the tree.* It's all good, but time does truly fly. I guess that makes it all the more important to really sit back and enjoy the ride :) Happy Birthday big guy!

Elisa said...

Feeling very similar about how fast they grow. My oldest is 14 and the thought of him driving in two years.....wow. Although it will be very helpful!!!

Susan said...


What a VERY handsome young man. He sounds like a very special guy indeed.

Latin, BRILLIANT too.

Yes...time does go by fast, so enjoy these special years too.

I miss these days♥

Oh...and these were great shots too.

Tara said...

He is so handsome Tiffany...great shots. Happy Birthday!

Hannah Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday!!!! :D

June said...

Happy Birthday TJ!!! See you soon!
Love from SC.

Lisa said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Your son is so handsome!!! YES! boys can be sweet sixteen too.