Friday, August 19, 2011

Chris and Lindsey....sneak peek

This past Sunday I had the honor of taking engagement pictures for my cousin Chris and his fiance Lindsey. This was my first "engagement" session and I am so glad Chris and Lindsey were up for the challenge. I have to say we had a wonderful morning, both Chris and Lindsey were natural and laid back in front of the camera, which made my job easy. Chris was a great sport....engagement pictures in the morning and a bridal shower in the afternoon. Thanks for letting me share your special day.




{Fabulous Friday}

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Isn't she just beautiful!

Chris plays the guitar so we took a few shots with the guitar since playing is such an important part of who he is.

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I have lots more for all I need is time to edit, edit, edit!

Have a great weekend!

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PS: I would like to give creative credit on my Fabulous Friday shot to Melinda at Melinda Brown are an awesome inspiration!


Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful moments - I think the last is my favorite.

Susan said...

Yes, she's beautiful and you captured it so well.

GREAT shots Tiffany...

Hope you have a blessed weekend♥

My Captivating Images said...

That is a great session!

Christina Klas said...

These are all great! I get to do my first engagement session soon too and I'm really excited!!

Abi said...

This was your first engagement session?? No way! So lovely!

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Beautiful photos!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

WOW Tiffany- you did a phenomenal job! How exciting to be a part of that special moment in their lives!

Jessica Monte said...

Beautiful! A gorgeous couple! I love the way you posed them. I LOVE the guitar photo and your arrangement too. Great work!

Kimberly said...

These are all wonderful! You did a fabulous job!

Kim Stevens said...

Wow, these are just fabulous! I don't think I could really pick a favorite as they are all sooo wonderful!!

Sara said...

Beautiful shots, well done! Love the guitar shot!

Jamie Rubeis said...

I think you did great! How cool that you are starting to do some sessions! Its such a great learning opportunity!

Jennifer said...

Congrats Tiffany! Great shots.

You made the top five of Fabulous Friday - congrats! Thanks for paricipating!

Hannah said...

These are amazing!

Melinda said...

I'm just catching up on some of my fav blogs and have to say I'm loving the guitar shot. Seriously love it!! And thanks for the shout out :-) You are so sweet!

I haven't forgotten about your invite to the blog. Addie Grace has been really sick and in the hospital with internal bleeding. They did surgery last Friday and found the source of the bleeding and stopped it. It's been a very long and scary week for us but we're home now and Addie is back to her normal self! Be looking for your invite soon :-)