Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Week in Review....really!

Wow, it has been a long time since I was able to squeeze out "A week in review" post...Summer is in full swing here. The kids enjoyed their first week off school and it was so nice. Nice to not have a schedule, nice to be able to cook dinner, nice to spend the afternoon in the yard not the car, and nice to have HOT weather. The kids enjoyed their first week playing with friends, staying up late (and sleeping late), I think they enjoyed not having a schedule either!

Each year our family participates in a benefit walk/run for a local family and this year was no different, well not exactly...Both TJ and Max played guitar for the whole crowd along with other budding musicians from our town. It was a great addition to an already wonderful, family, oriented event. I have to say I was a little bit nervous for both kids, but especially Max. Max has been taking lessons for almost 3 years, but will not play for us, I just did not know what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised....Max can really jam! He played with no hesitation to a large crowd, who knew the boy that won't play for his family could play for such a large crowd! Way to go Max! TJ also played. He played with some friends in the neighborhood and even had a lead singer. They also did great. June and Kendall also enjoyed the night. Kendall ran free most of the evening and June was joined at the hip with her good friend.

Friday, Russ's parents came for a visit and spent the night. They caught up with the kids and helped us get our garden planted. THANKS!!! Each year my father-in-law grows us tomatoes from seed, this year he planted them too. We always get such a great variety and the kids all love to pick the daily harvest. Sometimes things get picked early by eager hands...young and old. I know you will see many pictures of the garden, probably more than you want to.

Today, was a big day, well a big day for me. I dropped TJ off this morning for a mission/ministry trip with a group of students from his school. This will be the first extended trip TJ will have away from home with no family members. He will be working with a Catholic Mission in Kentucky, servicing the local community in whatever capacity he is needed in. The students may be painting, sorting items at a local food pantry, or visiting local seniors. I think he was excited and a little nervous at the same time. We received word around dinner time that everyone arrived safely and were awaiting dinner. I hope to hear from him at least once this week.

The rest of the day we finished up some yard work and then took a trip to the lake to enjoy the nice weather and of course some ice cream. There you have it, a little short and to the point, but, you are caught up:) Hope everyone had a great weekend, here is to the week ahead!

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UpperBottom said...

hi, i'm new to your blog and wanted to introduce myself!

Beautiful family! I enjoyed reading your week in review.


Hannah said...

Sounds like a great but busy week! Your boys are having some major moments on stage and helping out :)