Sunday, March 13, 2011

A week in review...

For those of you who might be new to my blog, I thought I would start with an explanation of my title, {June} makes Six (for those of you who know....sorry). As the name states, June makes six. June was the sixth member of our family. However, as I have stated before, God had other plans for our family and we are now happily seven. I have not changed the name and do not plan on it, mostly for sentimental reasons, because I like it, and because it is my blog:) Also, for those of you who might be new. I have three sons, really! In fact here is a picture of one of them.....he was kind enough to not run, or a jump out of the chair when I came at him with the camera. The boys do not like to have their pictures taken, sometimes they tolerate it. I have more luck when the weather is nice and we are all running around outside.




I did have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with the boys. Actually, I was dreading it. You see, yesterday we cleaned their closet and drawers (they were in BAD shape). Russ and I double teamed them tossing jeans, shirts, and shorts at the boys while they complained and tried on clothes. What we ended up with was a large donation pile and an empty closet. Where am I going with this you are asking yourself? Shopping, hence the dread, hence the afternoon with the boys. I usually do not like shopping with the boys. I do not like going to the mall and I do not like the clothes they choose, however, today was different. We (the boys and me) had a good time. Everyone picked out a few things, I didn't mind what they picked, and they even let me try on jeans, happy day! All in all a good afternoon and when we returned home it was still light enough for everyone to head outside. Yeah for daylight savings.....Spring can't be far behind!

Let's switch gears and talk frosting. Last week for June's Birthday cupcakes, I could not decide what frosting to choose. I ended up Go*gling "best frosting recipe". The first recipes in line where like none I had ever seen, flour, milk, butter, sugar, vanilla. I was scared and decided to go with the old standard....buttercream. The buttercream was yummy, but my BFF and I were curious about the mystery frosting we had never seen or tried. Reba made it first and loved it. That was good enough for me. I whipped up some brownies and the BEST frosting ever.



Who am I kidding, if The Pioneer Woman says it's good you know it is. Silly girl!

Speaking of girls they are doing great. June had an ear infection this week, but she is back in her game. You can read her interview below for a good laugh. I might add, all of the answers were hers.....I did not embellish at all. Kendall continues to keep me on my toes. Her favorite pass time is floor surfing. What is floor surfing? Floor surfing is when a 10 month finds anything on the floor from the smallest speck to rocks or dirt and puts said speck into her mouth. She has even enjoyed the catfood:) The swivel sweeper is continually running at our house.

Well you are up to date. I am going to apologize for any spelling errors in advance....spell check and Flickr don't work well together for me and I am way to tired to do this one over. Grab my button and link up, I would love to hear about your week.

Have a good one!

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deb duty said...

I need to take my boys shopping too. Hope it goes as well as your trip did!

Hannah said...

I love that picture of your son! I love how you processed it. Very cool.

I make a frosting that is very similar to the one you made. We put it on a very very very dark chocolate cake and Greg calls it the ho-ho cake. It's his fave.