Sunday, March 6, 2011

A week in review

When I decide to do something it is really hard for me to give it up. For example, I left the house this morning at 7:30am, went to church, work, and came home at 6:30pm and jumped into the daily routine. I did not want to post my {365} or "A week in review", but here I am, posting. I didn't want to quit. I tried to take some pictures this morning but they (all 3) did not turn out. LOL. So my {365} is from yesterday picked at random so I could keep everything in number order....sad I know. Call me a little type A and I will not be offended:) So I did not give up, here is a quick "week in review".

Sick kids, June and TJ were both sick. Kendall is now feeling a little under the weather, not sure if it is her teeth or a little of the stomach bug the other kids had. I am hoping for a good night. June turned 4. If you have been reading along this week you already know this. She had a really nice day yesterday and I hope to have some pictures soon. Jake and Russ have been working on Jake's science project and it is coming along well. Max has been playing his music, both trumpet and guitar, and of course his electronics. Max loves electronics and would like to take some computer programming courses over the summer.....I best get that figured out soon.

We are all ready for summer here, especially June and I. Yesterday when we woke up it was snowing again. Big, beautiful snowflakes. I said to June, "June look at the beautiful snow just for your Birthday!" Reply, "Mom, I just want summer". I agree, too bad we have about 3 more months to go.

Hope you all have a good week!

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