Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I can smell Spring....

I think sometimes I am trying so hard to take good pictures that I forget to just take pictures. So today I just took pictures, not just any pictures, but pictures of my girls. Pictures of my girls on the first day that hinted Spring might not be far off. Although it does not look Spring like here, everything is still brown, you could smell it. Fresh and warm. It was 58 degrees today, a heat wave compared to the 30's of yesterday. June wanted to ride her bike and she could not have been more excited. I wondered if her Winter legs would carry her all the way around the block.....they did!


Catch that cheesy grin....ear to ear happy to be outside.


My view.....



June thought is was so warm she threw off her coat..


.....and yes, our first bud. It is not green and pretty like all those lovely pictures I have been envying on blogs down south of here, but none the less it is a bud!


Have a great day....enjoy Spring:)


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Jenny H said...

Lovely photos! It's starting to look like spring here, too. I think tomorrow it will be in the 50's!

Alyssa said...

Yeah for spring! I love seeing kids outside as winter is ending :)

Jenner said...

So cute! I hope to have a sister for my lil' girl someday. And we are all hoping for springtime here, too!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

so glad to find you through You Capture;) You have a beautiful family and little girls.

And a great day outside;) Hope you continue to get some nice outside weather;)

Kelly @ In Everything said...

oh, and my youngest son is almost the same age as your youngest daughter:) Just saw that:) FUN:)

Julie said...

they are all so cute, but I love that third one on her bike. ;)

Julia said...

Your daughters are SO adorable! Love their cute grins!

Hannah said...

So stinking awesome :) My favorite is the one from your view...very cool :)

It is SO amazing today, it is in the 70's!! I even had a mini photo shoot with the kids :) Now I have to pack my bags and clean the house and spend some more time outside :)