Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year

This past Saturday we celebrated Chinese New Year. June looks forward to this day each year. We decorate, wear traditional Chinese dresses, and of course eat Chinese food.

Tangerines (clementines) represent a sweet year...

chinese new year-015

Red envelopes are a traditional Chinese gift....

chinese new year-018

June of course gets a few special gifts...

chinese new year-043

We all sit down to dinner.....

chinese new year-057

.....and June opens her treats!


Notice June picking her teeth? Notice the sucker stick? She would not let go of it, I have to say I do not even know where she got it. However, during a good part of our celebration she was more interested in the sucker:) Kendall and I even wore our red dresses, however, there are no pictures worth posting, they were so bad they did not even make the "out take" portion of a post! I appearently did a bad job taking pictures, Russ's Mom came to help us celebrate and I did not even get a picture of Grammie and June. UGH! The boys also had a busy night. Max had a Birthday party and TJ had a "turn about" dance. All in all, we had a good time and June enjoyed her night, especially the sucker!

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Hannah said...

I love the pictures, even the one of her picking her teeth :) It sounds like a fun celebration and a busy night for you guys.

I've been out of commission so I am trying to catch up!

Michelle said...

Love it... Happy Chinese New year.