Sunday, January 2, 2011

A year in review and a look forward

As some of you may remember I used to post "A week in review" every Sunday. Well, last year with all of the business of the household I stopped, however, I thought it appropriate to title this post "A year in review". What a year it has been. A year ago today I was still pregnant and we were beginning to get ready to remodel the basement, add a bedroom, at get ready for sweet, baby Kendall. Much to my surprise we finished everything with a week or two to spare....and then we were seven.

Seven. Seven in one house has been hard. There were many days (some not so long ago) that I felt very overwhelmed. Blessed, but overwhelmed. Having a new baby and one starting high school had my head spinning. We ate out a lot, probably too much, my days of couponing and dinner planning went out the window. Perhaps someday they will return, someday soon hopefully! As Kendall grows and we start to get in a routine it will all get easier, right? I laugh as I write that because with each stage comes new challenges. At just 8 months Kendall is pulling up on everything, cruising the furniture, and just may beat T.J.'s record of the 9 month walker.....go Kendall. Again, new challenges.

Seven, however, has not been all doom and gloom. Seven has brought us much joy. Kendall is a joy, she is a sweet, happy, baby and her siblings adore her. As a mother, that is one of the thing that has brought me much happiness....watching my children fall in love with their baby sister, from T.J. to June. It will be fun to watch their relationships grow over the years as they all age.

Now for a look forward, because I could fill pages looking back at 2010. I have many plans for 2011. Not resolutions, plans. Like I said, I have many plans, personal, professional, plans regarding my faith, plans regarding my family, plans about our home, some I will share along the way and some I will not. Some will be apparent.

In 2010 I learned something about myself...I love photography! I love taking pictures, editing pictures, creating with pictures, whether it be on the blog, cards etc. I don't know where exactly I plan on going with my new found love, but I know I want to go somewhere. For now, I would like to increase both my knowledge and skill and see where that takes me. I hope to take a few courses and perhaps attend a few workshops and practice, practice, practice.....which means you may see a lot of photos...hopefully:)

I also have plans for the blog. I have a makeover on the way. I had hoped to roll out the changes already, but it may be Christmas here at June Makes Six for a couple more weeks:) Hopefully it will not be "Christmas in July"! I am also hoping to reinstate "A week in review" with a new twist.

By looking back at the past year and sharing some of it here I was able to evaluate things that I like about how I do things and things that I do not like. I have really spent some time evaluating myself and hope that I am able to move forward and build new attributes, as well as, fine tune the attributes that make me, well me. Here is to 2011.

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Hannah said...

I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for your family. I can't imagine how full your plate is with 7 people in the house. I can't seem to learn anything new and I only have 4 our in our house...but I'm working on that ;)