Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Week in Review

Another week has passed us by and it was a good one. I guess I will start with me. Last week at church I was talking with one of our Priests about how to make some positive changes in my life. He suggested reading scripture each day before I started my routine with the kids. I thought how could I start any earlier? However, for many years I attended bible study or read the Bible daily.....that habit however, has fallen by the wayside in the business that now is my life. I decided to give it a try (remembering how much that time meant to me). I have been getting up early, really early, 4:30am early (5am some days) and I had a great week. I enjoyed reading and having quiet time with no interruptions and I also had enough time to shower and get the kitchen in order before the kids got up. Each day has had a positive start this week and has for the most part kept my attitude in check for the day. Another positive this week was.....can you guess? CAR POOL!!!! Since soccer ended I have been picking TJ up from school every afternoon, an hour and a half endeavor that left me tired and the girls a little on the cranky side. I finally found a few families that live in our area to share the afternoon ride, YEAH! Although, I am missing that little bit of time with TJ as that was the most time I spent with him daily since he started High School.

Speaking of High School, TJ had a great first semester. He played soccer, joined the bowling club, and kept his grade point over a 4.0 finishing with Honors. We could not be more proud of him. He is turning out to be a fine young man (we still have our moments:), but the good definitely out weighs the bad. TJ has also completed one week of drivers education and is ready to get his permit....UGH! That means at some point I am going to have to let him drive my car, I mean Russ's car.

The other boys are plugging right along. Yesterday all three boys got their hair cut. I mean we tortured them, yes, haircuts fall into the "torture" category here. I will say they all look really nice and Russ was a trooper. He took all three boys and the girls to the appointment while I went into work and finished some computer learning modules. I am sure the people in the salon were surprised to see a man and his 5 kids coming in to get hair cuts....what a guy!

Since I did not have a lot of driving this week that left a little more time for fun around the house. June I and did a few crafts this week. The cupcake mosaic was posted earlier this week and down below you can see our "Kailan Dragon" . We made this little cutie in preparation for Chinese New Year which is coming up this Thursday. I plan on decorating this week with June in preparation for the big day.

collage 3

So there you have it a quick review of my week and I would love to hear about yours. Last week was the first week I put a "link" out for others to join in. My goal was one, thanks Tabitha for joining in. My goal this week is of course.....TWO (I am not greedy). Will you help me reach my goal? The link will be up until Friday. Have a great week! Grab my button and link up:)

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Hannah said...

I am on a little bit of a blog hiatus or I'd join you...I'll try to do it soon though.

It sounds like a great week. I hate getting up early, but I love the extra time and the quietness that comes that early.