Friday, January 21, 2011

Simplicity week 2 assignments

Most of the focus of this weeks class over at Simplicity was shutter speed and cropping. Here is my week in photos.

Day one: fast and slow shutter speed, water

week 2 day 1 slow sooc

week 2 day 1 fast sooc

Day 2: cropping and negative space

Week 2 day 2 assignment 2

week 2 day 2

Day 3: motion

week 2 day 3

Day 4: shoot where you are

week 2 day 4 shoot where you are

Day 5: simple beauty

week 2 day 5

I took a lot of photos this week, all in manual. Before last week I had never ventured off auto or aperature on my camera so this has been an exciting two weeks for me. You can see some of my favorites from this week in the Gallery. Also, one of my classmates is featuring some of my photos HERE....what fun.

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