Monday, December 6, 2010

The Lost Christmas Tree....

The title of my post reads like a sweet Christmas time story, however, it is not so sweet. Some how between last Christmas and this Christmas we lost June's Disney Princess pink Christmas tree. We looked everywhere and I do mean everywhere. While looking for the tree I did find all of June's snow gear and my boots (also missing from last winter), however, no tree. So on Saturday June and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a is the end result

june tree-039

june tree-036

june tree-033

Hopefully we will find the Princess that we have to girls we need two pink trees:)

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Hannah said...

Yikes. Don't you hate it when you lose stuff in your own home?? Drives me crazy! We lost the big ornaments for the outside decorations. I still can't find them anywhere....I'll probably find them somewhere around the 4th of July :)

Love the Pink tree :)

Michelle said...

I hope you find the christmas tree.. This one is really beautiful.