Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve is always full of hustle and bustle. I am usually finishing last minute gifting as well as getting a head start on food prep for the evening and next day. The kids are always a little excited (to say the least) and full of activity. I always have the goal of taking pictures before we go to church when every one is clean and tidy. Each year I plan to have more time for pictures but usually end up in a rush while the car is warming up. This year was no different but here are some highlights!

christmas eve -179

christmas eve bw-168

christmas eve bw-131

christmas eve -115

christmas eve -111

christmas eve -078

christmas eve bw-068

christmas eve-055

christmas eve-052

You can see more Christmas Eve in the Gallery.....

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Hannah said...

Those are Awesome! I love the one of you and the girls. That is priceless. I think you got some amazing shots. I kind of skipped this year. I don't think I even took 20 pictures all week.