Friday, November 12, 2010


How old am I? Am I old enough to have a son in High School. I guess I am. I am finally getting to Homecoming pictures. Homecoming was almost 4 weeks ago and here are some highlights. There were almost 30 kids in the group TJ attended the dance with. You wont see all the kids(they looked great by the way) because I did not get permission to post all of their pictures. Being a newbie I was glad to have Moms with older kids organizing the evening and organized it was. Pictures, dinner, driving, after parties, all organized so everyone could enjoy the evening. If you look carefully you may even see a picture of me:)




homecoming -034

homecoming bw-022

homecoming -038

homecoming -064

.....had to put at least one girly picture in!

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Hannah said...

Those are great! I love the one of you and your son. He is such a handsome young man and you look much too young to have a son his age!!

Faith said...

Beautiful photos!! What an exiting season of life... I'm so glad I still have a few years!