Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting organized?

I am not organized, far from it. My house may look tidy for the most part, but open a closet, drawer, cabinet and watch out, literally! So while blog surfing the other day on Our Gifts of Grace, I came across a blog about organizing. I began to read. I felt stressed out, knowing how unorganized "my stuff" is I began to calculate how many hours it would take me to get my whole house in order. I decided to start slow. Aby at Creative Organizing had THIS POST about organizing all the paper that collects in the kitchen. I felt like she was talking directly to me. I keep all the kids schedules, papers, appointment next to my computer in the kitchen. I blog in the kitchen, I edit my pictures in the kitchen, I cook in the kitchen, color with June in the get the idea. So I took the advice from Creative Organizing and organized my work area....and I love it!

collage copy

Now, lets see how many years it takes me to finis the rest of the house. TJ leaves for college in 4 years, maybe I will be done by then:)

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Rebecca said...

It looks great! When are you coming to my house?

June said...

Yep, thought after I retired I would get my stuff organized. So far it hasn't happened. You, with 5 children, are ahead of me!!!