Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day, tomatoes, and Kendall

What do the first day of school, tomatoes, and Kendall have in common? Nothing other than that the pictures were uploaded on the same day:) June had her first day of preschool today and I think she is going to do great. We will find out next week when I actually have to leave the classroom.....I will probably be more upset than she will!

first day-042

first day-030

Kendall is officially 4months old, she is rolling over and can sit pretty well in her boppy. She also looks at my food a lot, I think she may be eating steak in the next week or so......

first day-009

Have not talked much about the garden this year, it has not been a top priority. Lucky the tomatoes don't know.....they taste like they have had plenty of attention.

first day-001

Still have lots of pictures from our trip to the city and some of TJ playing soccer....hopefully I can get to those soon. Everyone is settling into school. TJ is enjoying high school, he is very busy but seems to be handling his challenges well. The other boys are busy with school too. Jake is running cross country and playing the trombone. Max is enjoying his status as a 5th grader and is playing the guitar and trumpet. Consider yourselves updated:)

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Hannah said...

June looked adorable on her first day! Sophia doesn't start for a little over a week yet.

I can't believe how big Kendall is getting...she is beautiful.