Monday, April 19, 2010

A week in review

Last week was a lesson in coordinating was a busy one. Three track meets, two soccer games, guitar lessons, soccer practice, track practice, gymnastics, Dr's appointments, a trip to Iowa, and then the usual, errands and laundry. We made it however and it all went well, I do wonder how that will be with a baby:) The end of the school year is always busier than the rest of the year with programs and activities, hopefully all will go smoothly.

Really besides all the running with the kids we had a pretty tame week. The nursery is finished except for a few finishing touches all we have left is assembly of "stuff", car seats, bassinets, etc. I plan on making arrangements for the kids while I am gone and trying to get the house a little more organized for whoever takes over while I am gone.

As you can see from my last post the weather is shaping up nicely here. Actually, it has been very pleasant. The plants and flowers seem to be blooming a little earlier than usual. Some times in May we have still been in the 30-40's(knock on wood). My Lilac bushes have bloomed and I can't wait to do some cutting today and bring them inside....

Not much else, since the kiddos are still asleep I am going to catch up around the kitchen! Have a great week.

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