Friday, April 2, 2010

A day in the city

This week is Spring Break, so Russ took a day off work and we decided to take the kids to the Museum, it was a short trip, to the Museum that is. The line was sooooooooo long we decided to kick around downtown instead. We took a much needed restroom break, paid for parking and hit the road as the saying goes.


Next stop, the Lego store (always a favorite). Pat Benatar was playing "Hit me with your best shot" and June had more fun dancing than playing with Legos. We also visited the "Hello Kitty" store. This portion of the trip was expensive, can you guess what we bought? Here is a hint, colorful and will see it in a later photo!

2010-03-301Align Center

After a little shopping it was off to Millennium Park, one of my very favorite urban spaces. There is always and exhibit of some kind. Currently the exhibit was Modern Art from, you guessed it I was excited to take pictures and be outside, the temperature was about 60 degrees and mild, a nice change from our winter weather!


The famous "Bean"


Jake times 2.....


Just hang'n in the park....


I LOVE this picture of June, it makes me want to sing "The Mary Tyler Moore" theme song, remember that song? Boy am I getting old!






Well, did you guess? The most expensive part of our trip? Yes, Jelly Beans, not any Jelly Beans, Jelly Bellies.....apparently the price of sugar has gone sky high because after the boys each filled a bag, we had to take a second mortgage on the house to pay for the "beans". Talk about sticker shock!!!!! Let's just say there will be no jelly beans in the Easter baskets:)


After our tour around the city it was off to one of my favorite pizza places in the city.......Pizzeria Due. We enjoyed delicious pizza and a little entertainment from June. June love to count, and often says, "How many fingers am I holding up?" Today, one was the answer and you can imagine which one it was......of course the boys couldn't let this go and we all had a good laugh, even June who did not know what she was laughing about!

095 copy

This gal is a laugh a minute.......


We had a fun day, it was not the day we had expected, but I think that made it even better. I even had a chance for an urban photo shoot. While Russ put the stroller in the car I had a chance to take some candid pics of the kids and they turned out to be some of my favorites!


Stop by my Gallery to see more of my favorites from "A day in the city"!

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Rebecca said...

Great pics! LOVE the one of the kids on the step! LOVE June's outfit!

Aimee and Cary said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time.. love the pics, as always! What program do you use to put the pics together before posting? SOOOOO cute...

Hannah said...

LOVE these pictures! That last one is my favorite. You need to frame it!

Michelle said...

Looks like alot of family fun.. Love the photos..