Sunday, March 21, 2010

A week in review....

Just plain tuckered out!
June still takes naps, however, today we skipped our regular nap time. We had a long day, church, errands, brunch, home, more errands, drive way time with the boys, and right before dinner, tuckered out on the couch. Luckily for us June was up for dinner and then spent more time on the drive way with the boys, which made for a tired 3 year old!
We had a nice weekend, the boys all had time with friends. Jake spent the weekend with a friend at the Dells, TJ spent Friday night at a friends and so did Max. Being that all the boys were accounted for Russ, June, and I went to dinner by ourselves on Friday night......we had a nice dinner, but it was strange not having the boys with us, cheaper, but odd. June kept us entertained by call Russ, Mr. Rose. We are not sure where this came from, but, all night she called him Mr. Rose. She knows his name is Russ, but Mr. Rose it was and me, I was Grace. Go figure one night, she has not called us those names again. We did get a good chuckle out of it! The other little thing June is doing lately is memorizing the books I read her at night. It doesn't matter how long they are she can repeat them almost word for word. While she is reciting with me she tells me I am skipping pages:)
This last week was almost sports free, only one soccer game. This week starts track practice so here we go with more than one sporting activity at a time. Soccer will start up soon enough and then we will really be kicking it up a notch here. The basement is coming along, carpet tomorrow and then we can move back in! Hopefully by next week we can start working on the nursery, I can't wait to get started.
Not too much else to report. Spring started with snow here, but it has already melted and I am glad. I am ready for some green grass and sunshine! Have a great week.

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