Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potato Cobb Salad

Last night was my turn to host our neighborhood "Bunco"....this is one of my favorite salad recipes. Enjoy!
6 Yukon gold potatoes (boil, skin, dice, and marinate in Italian dressing...I use Paul Newman's Olive oil dressing)
tomatoes (chopped)
sharp cheddar
blue cheese
crumbled bacon
green onion
avocado diced
romaine lettuce (I use bagged)
Arrange lettuce on a large platter, stripe other ingredients with potatoes in the center, pour remaining dressing over the whole salad, and serve.
As I said, one of my favorites, it is as easy as it is tasty and pretty.

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Rebecca said...

It's definitely a beautiful salad! Do you think it would be outrageous for me to sub for Bunco?

R :)

Donna said...

Great recipe. Now if I only had a party to bring it to...