Sunday, January 31, 2010

A week in review...

It is 9:10pm and my Dad and Russ are still working in the basement, it has been a busy day for all of us! I woke up this morning at 5am and could not go back to sleep, so I started my day....made coffee, caught up on some Blog reading, showered, got June ready for church, woke up the oldest boy, picked up the two little boys from different sleep overs on the way to church, went to church, picked up Dunkin Doughnuts (YUM), ate said doughnuts (YUM again), grocery shopped, put June down for a nap, took Jake to basketball, make pumpkin pie, made lasagna for dinner, cleaned up dinner, gave June a bath, ate the pumpkin pie, brushed teeth, children in bed...whew, long day. All the while the guys worked and worked.
The basement is coming along, although to look at it you would think something exploded, progress is being made. Today the guys spent doing a lot of electrical work, tore out a wall, and added a door. Russ did a lot of work this week too, moving my office and working on our well. Yes, our well pump went out this week so we had to side track our planned work so we could have water pressure!
The kids are all doing well and spending time playing sports and playing outside in the bitter cold. We do not have much snow so they have been skate boarding on the drive way(did I mention it has been 20 degrees). I think they are ready for Spring too. Unfortunately Spring will not arrive here for sometime. In fact we more than likely have a lot more snow coming our way:)
June continues to amaze me. She has not been watching Mei Mei lately, but seems to be quite fond of Dora and Diego. So one day we were playing in her room and she started to count in Spanish, she made it to six. Later this week I handed her her lunch plate, what do you think she said? "Gracias". I, in return said, "you are welcome". June replied, "No, Mama, you say denada". What could I say, she was right! The other new thing June is doing is using her "Barbie" guitar as a violin. She holds it under her chin and uses part of my duster as the bow.....perhaps we have a musician in our midst.
The picture below is a picture of the brightest moon of the year. I set my camera on aperture and started shooting. The picture is a little blurred but you get the idea. One thing I need to learn how to do is anticipate the settings I choose when I take a picture, normally I just start shooting because I do not want to "miss" the shot. I guess time and experience will correct how I take my pictures.

......but you get the idea! Hope you all have a great week!

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Becky said...

And we actually HAVE snow right now! How ironic!r

Michelle said...

Love the picture!! How exciting to be getting ready for the baby..Have a great week..