Sunday, December 20, 2009

A week in review

Wow, we made it. We have had a busy week, full of fun, festivities, and preparation. The week before Christmas break was full. Both TJ and Max had programs at school...
TJ had a band program on Thursday night and our whole family was able to attend. The kids did a great job, it is amazing the difference in their sound from 6th grade to 8th grade. TJ plays the trumpet and we are hoping he will continue in high school. Jake also plays in the band, he plays the trombone, however, the 6th grade concert will be next month.

Max had "Christmas Around the World", it is a program that is a culmination of months of work. The kids start with research about a country of their choice in October. The first report supplies detailed information about their country, land maps, government, stamps, money, natural resources, etc. Once that portion is complete they begin research on the Christmas and Holiday traditions of their country. The kids are required to make a project about the Christmas traditions in their country and we the parents help them make a Holiday recipe from their country. The program includes, singing, stories, and a huge buffet table. Max chose Wales as his country!

Friday evening we had our annual progressive "Tree" party. The four families that cut trees down from Hillview tree farm all get together once the trees are is a night we look forward to every Christmas season. We travel from house to house, eat, drink, and be merry:)
Russ and I finished up our shopping and wrapping this weekend and are looking forward to two weeks with friends and family. We hope to have some down time and family time before we start the new year with a bang of baby preparation. June is looking forward to Christmas. She understands that Santa is bringing presents, but even better than that she understands that it is Jesus's lucky we all our for this day.
Merry Christmas, hope your week is full of many blessings!

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Michelle said...

Have a great week and try to relax a little.