Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pictures from our Tree Extravaganza

This was our annual Tree Extravaganza weekend. The kids look forward to it every year. We head North to the Wisconsin Dells to overnight at a waterpark, then the next morning we head out to cut down the perfect Christmas tree. June loved the waterpark and spent a good deal of time in the wave pool with Russ....perhaps extreme sports are in her future. There are not many pictures of the boys because they were running from activity to activity and it was hard for their pregnant Mom to keep up! We always enjoy ourselves with the other 3 families and the kids and adults enjoy each others year we will be adding another head to the count, Yikes! Although we have a good time it is a lot of work to cover, waterfun, snow and cold weather, food, and drink for the less than 48 hours of fun and I do wonder how we will get it done next year with a new babe in arm....stay tuned. I will have more pictures posted on the gallery later this week, I was too tired after my day at work to get all of them together. I took a lot of pictures, surprise, surprise.
As many of you may have read earlier this week we found out our new addition is a GIRL. We could not be more excited. We love the boys, but really hoped June would have a sister to grow up with. Our surprise keeps getting sweeter!
I am about to sign off, I am going to work on my Christmas shopping list. I am struggling this year with my perspective. I am allowing all the secular preparations for the holiday overcome the joy of the season and I need to refocus and come up with a new plan....HELP! With that being said...Have a great week!

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Michelle said...

Looks like alot of fun. Love the pictures... Have a great week.