Sunday, November 15, 2009

A week in review

Here I am, Blogging on a Sunday night, something I look forward to every week. Unfortunately, sometimes I can't figure out what to Blog. We had another very busy week, or should I say I had a busy week. The boys did not have too much going on which made our evenings pretty easy. However, I ran errands everyday this week. June was a trooper on all of our outings, I think she actually had fun a few of the days. We did a little Christmas shopping and decoration prep this week and she loved all the sparkles and lights. Every time she sees a Christmas commercial or decoration she says, "I love Santa Clause.", which is interesting because she has never been to see Santa. The highlight of my busy week was an hour long photo class I participated in. It was only a few hours, but I learned a lot about the basics. I look forward to taking a weekend course sometime in the near future, I can't wait!
Our weather here has been mild considering the summer we had, or did not have depending on the way you look at it. With that being said Max took it upon himself to do some raking today. We do not have many trees but he raked piles under each tree and picked the leaves up too. Thanks Max!

Today was a special day because TJ turned 14. I can't believe my baby boy is 14. If you asked me when he was born how many children I would have, I would never have guessed 5. What a blessing to have all these children in our lives. TJ had a good weekend. He and a few of his friends went to an indoor skate park on Friday and then his friends spent the night. TJ has a nice group of friends, something you hope for as a parent. Unfortunately, teenage boys(at least mine) avoid the camera like the plague, I have no pictures of TJ for his Birthday weekend. The cake, however, was cooperative!

TJ chose a red velvet cake with vanilla frosting, it was yummy! I am glad we were able to eat it, a few hours before we had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate TJ's big day. If you have ever been to "the factory" you know the portions are huge and the cheesecake is delicious. My rule for the kids at The Cheesecake Factory is, cheesecake for dinner:) They love it!
Have a great week.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday TJ. Enjoy the weather before long there will be snow. Have a good week. I love the picture of June in the hat. Where did you find the hat.