Sunday, November 1, 2009

A week in review...

This week, as well as the past million, has been filled with rain, lots of rain. In fact I feel like it rains almost every day. The weather here this year has been less than ideal, however, the fall colors this year were amazing, at least the trees liked it! Why am I talking about the weather you ask? The weather made it difficult to complete the many errands I had to run this week, I was an errand running fool! In addition to messing up my errands, Max's last week of golf was canceled....canceled after being rescheduled 3 times, due to rain of course. However, the rain gave me something cool and interesting. Max had the annual costume parade (canceled due to rain) and Halloween party at school on Friday. I did not want to bring my SLR camera in the rain while carrying a two year old, so I brought my point and shoot. Bear with me this has a point. So tonight I sat down and uploaded the pictures from the Halloween party, much to my surprise I found 170 pictures and videos that Jake had taken of TJ skateboarding earlier this year. Below are some of the highlights. I love these pictures, the shadows, the action, and the timing. The timing is amazing considering these were taken with a point and shoot. Ours has a 2-3 second delay, even with that delay Jake took some awesome shots!

Now what most of you want to see, the Halloween photos! I must say I did a bad job at chronicling this years Halloween. This is the first year that all the boys went with their friends only. This left June with Russ, my Dad, and me. My Mom stayed home and distributed the goodies to all the neighborhood goblins while we were out and about. I have no pictures of TJ because he headed out to a friends house earlier in the day.

Max and his friends

Jake and his friends

June in her chariot carrying her spoils and magic wand...speaking of the magic wand June waves it over me and asks me if I want to be a princess, of course the answer is YES! Each year after "Trick or Treat" is over we have an open house for the families of the boys friends, this year was no different. I took pictures of the set up, but not many during the party. You can see below June enjoyed her popcorn ball, another favorite, "The Crabby Patty".

Today was a busy day, church, out to breakfast, a soccer game, and a trip to an open house at a Catholic High School we are thinking of sending TJ to. Thanks to my Mom and Dad who stayed with the kids so we could TCB.....thanks for the laundry help too. Have I ever told you how much laundry I do? That is a whole post in its self! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and hope you have a great week to come.

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Michelle said...

Looks like alot of fun... Have a great week.