Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am usually not a germ-a-phobe, however, this year is different. I guess being pregnant and knowing we will be welcoming a newborn has changed that for me. Wait, H1N1, has changed that for me. Yesterday, June and I waited for 2&1/2 hours outside, in the cold, to get 2 of the 200 H1N1 injectable vaccines at our hospital. All was well, we would make the cutoff. However, once inside they took Junie's temp and announced 101.8, no shot. Let me tell you too, that never in a million years would I have thought to take my energetic, chatty, two year old's temp, never. I said, "Please take it again", 101.4, "again, different ear", 100.8, "let's try a different thermometer", again 101.4. UGH!!!! Greatfully, I was able to be vaccinated, the boys will be next week at school. Now I will begin my search again for June. Did I mention that when we came home and I pulled out the digital theremometer.....98.9:)

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Michelle said...

I hope you can get June a dose before long. So sorry this happen to you. We are still waiting on the seasonal flu shot our Dr office has been out for weeks.

Katherine said...

What a pain! I hope she gets the shot soon - we suspect my girls had it last spring when each was feverish and lethargic for three solid days plus weak another two-three. No fun, even when it wasn't life threatening.

Jen said...

That stinks but I have to laugh...isn't that the way it goes? Next time bring YOUR thermometer :)