Sunday, October 18, 2009

A week in review....

Let me start by saying that Junie can make my day! Today after a long day of filling prescriptions for the world's largest retailer I pulled in the driveway and in the front door was Junie waving so hard I thought her arm might fall off. When I came in she greeted me with a "mooch" and a hug. If that wasn't enough I put my pregnant body into my PJ's and put non-matching fuzzy socks on my feet and June said, "You look beautiful Mommy". Melt my heart....because really I had one of those outfits on that you hope no one comes to the door while you are wearing it! Thanks Junie, you made my day.
In other news this week I found the flu vaccine for June, everyone was out of it. We had to make a little trip to get it but it was worth it. June was a trooper, no tears at all! We have all been I wait for H1N1 for me.
We had another big soccer weekend for TJ, two games and they did great, TJ's team won both games. Saturday TJ played goalie and held the other team at 1 goal to their 8. Sunday was a great game to 5-1. Russ trucked our whole crowd over a hour from our house today to get TJ to his game.....what a trooper. Today while Russ was driving a car passed him, the person in the car was waving and trying to get his attention, he was concerned that something was wrong. However, when he came to the next stop light said car pulled up to him and was waving a Dave Matthews Band CD at him.....I have a Dave sticker on my car (sad I know)! When I asked the boys how old the Dave fan was they said her 40's....UGH!!!
Finally it was Jake's Birthday weekend. Jake celebrated Friday night with 6 of his friends. Russ took all the boys bowling....back home for antics in the yard, cake, gifts, and of course more antics. The boys all had a nice time and I know Jake enjoyed having all of his friends together to help him celebrate.

the Birthday cookie for the boys...

the boys....

Every year on Jake's actual Birthday he requests the same cake....chocolate with chocolate frosting and of course candy corn. Surprisingly we call it "The Candy Corn Cake".

Jake finally received a sock monkey.....thank you Target for making this possible:)
We have a busy week ahead of us. I am hoping to finish cutting down the plants around the yard in preparation for winter. We also have a dumpster coming....yes a dumpster! We have collected a lot of non-donateable stuff over the years and we need to clean out before we start construction on the extra bed room in the basement before the baby. We have a lot to do before #5 arrives. Did you know I am already through my first tri-mester. How time flies!
Have a great week!
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Michelle said...

These girls are so sweet!!! Makenna tells me all the time how she like my hair. Have a great week.

Rebecca said...

I'm thinking I may have to make a *Candy Corn Cake* for the next birthday at my house.....mine!

I'm glad Jake had such a special day!

Jen said...

Oh sister, how do you keep up? Working mother of 4 and pregnant. All that AND you look good in sweats and mis-matched socks ;) I feel the need to buy you your next diet coke!!