Sunday, October 11, 2009

A week in review

Sunday night and another week gone! The fall is getting chilly here, yesterday morning it was 28 degrees when we woke up...UGH! I am a hot weather girl, how did I end up here in the Midwest? (I am not ready for winter. ) TJ had 3 soccer games this week and it was chilly on the field too. I was able to attend the game on Saturday and took some pics.
"a little action"

"get that ball"

"How did he grow up so fast?"
Soccer season has a few more weeks to go. Jake rounded out his cross country season on Tuesday and had a great season. Jake has played football and soccer, he enjoyed them, however he has really enjoyed cross country and did well at it too! Max has one more week of golf....if it does not snow:)
We had a busy but nice weekend. Friday night the boys spent time with friends and then we watched "Monsters vs Aliens", I use the term we lightly, I fell asleep. Saturday we cleaned the garden for winter removing any plants and vegetation that was still lingering. We emptied flower pots, cut down perennials, and planned for the final clean up in a few weeks. Saturday afternoon my parents came to visit, we celebrated Jake's Birthday, worked on a basement renovation plan, and Russ and I went out to dinner, has been a long time since we ate alone. Thanks Mom and Dad!
Tomorrow is Columbus Day and the kids are home from permitting we are heading to a local farm to pet baby animals and pick pumpkins.....wish me luck!
Have a great week!

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Michelle said...

Have a great week and I hope you had fun picking pumpkins..