Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day in the garden............

"the peppers"


Yukon Gold

Currant tomatoes.....just for Junie
June and I spent yesterday morning in the garden harvesting potatoes. This was our first year for potatoes and I think we did okay. June was a big help, I would turn the soil with the pitch fork and she would harvest the potaoes.....and worms! My next big garden project is the carrots and they are a lot of work. Once the carrots are harvested they need to be washed, peeled, sliced, and frozen. However, all the hard work is worth it in the middle of winter when we have carrots for dinner from our garden!

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Pineapple Princess said...

This winter when we are eating canned, store bought carrots, I will be thinking of you and your wonderful home grown veggies. Poor me! You keep me inspired!