Sunday, August 16, 2009

A week in review.......

"Country road, take me home, to the place, I belong"......

This is the view I wish I had right now (country road into our subdivision), however, I am looking out a rainy hospital room sitting next to my sweet Max!

Max has had a crazy couple of weeks, and no he is not in the hospital for malnutrition, even though he is a skinny mini:) Max came down with a very nasty stomach bug. Within five hours of his first symptoms we were on our way to the hospital. We were finally admitted about 4am this morning and hopefully can go home on Monday. When I say Max has had a crazy couple of weeks I meant it. While at the cabin last week with my parents all three boys had a terrible summer cold. On Tuesday Max was diagnosed with a sinus infection and just when he started to feel better....the stomach bug. Max has been a real trooper, with not much sleep and basically nothing to eat, he keeps telling me, "I am sorry you have to deal with this Mom".....I keep telling him, "I'm sorry", poor guy is breaking my heart! Russ, came by the hospital this afternoon and dropped off some essentials...the "game boy" and my computer. I also received a change of clothes and had time to shower, yes shower! We are on a family floor so each room has a shower, extra bed, etc. I think Max and I will even play some board games later. I told Max next time he needs some Mommy time we should definetly
plan a better location. While on the medical front, Jake also has the crud and started antibiotics yesterday.....we have had a "medical weekend".

Our week was not all about bad health, thankfully! We finished up back to school shopping and the kids spent time with friends. I even had a chance to work on the garden and started harvesting and freezing the green peppers. June picked, I processed.

I food save most of the things I grow in the garden, green peppers, carrots, and this year potatoes. I am going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes and if I muster the energy I may try to can will take a lot of energy. School starts Wednesday and I am hoping Max will make his first day, I guess it will depend on his test results, I will keep you posted.

I talked to June on the phone this morning she knows Max is sick and I am helping him....this is the longest we have been apart and I am missing her a bunch. The other boys are keeping busy, my Mom is at the house helping out and Jake has a birthday party to go to tonight.....all is well.
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Rebecca said...

I hope you feel better VERY soon, Max!

The B's :)

Becky said...

The Schafer contingent on the east coast has the nasty summer cold, least this member of the Schafer contingent does! I spent all last week housesitting, so hopefully I will not share with the rest of the fam! Tell Max that we hope he feels better really soon!

Michelle said...

I hope Max starts feeling better and gets to go home soon!!