Sunday, August 9, 2009

A week in review....

It is hard to believe our summer is almost over, especially because the weather here did not really feel summer like this year. Our hectic week ended peacefully with our last trip to the cabin this summer. Russ, June, and I came home last night so I could work today, while the boys stayed up north with my parents. The picture below is my favorite way to start the in hand of course!
June was very interested in fishing during both trips to the cabin this summer. This one was different because she decided the worms were not, "very scary", they were, "nice". I don't think , however, they thought she was very nice.....they were well handled by the time they met the hook.

June also enjoyed the camp fire.....

On Saturday before we left for home we had a picnic lunch on the "S.S. Minnow"....we all had plenty to eat and there was some left over for the seagulls.

I talked to the boys when I came home from work today and they are having a great time despite the nasty colds they are all suffering from. I am sure Nannie is taking great care of them. Russ and June enjoyed a Dad and Daughter day while I worked....they swam, went for a bike ride, and went to the pet store! After work I shopped for school supplies and picked up some dinner. All in all, not a bad week. This is the boys last full week of summer vacation, we have a little shopping left to get everyone ready for the big day!

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