Sunday, August 2, 2009

A week in review......

I should probably call this post a weekend in review...Saturday we attended a long over due family reunion. My cousin and I started planning in early spring and yesterday was the day. We had a great turn out and spent the day catching up, eating, and introducing the younger kids to cousins they did not know they had. In keeping with the family theme we spent today with my family. My brother's family and my family gave my parents a portrait for Christmas and today we finally had the pictures taken. We spent the morning on the shore of Lake Michigan, it was picture perfect weather for beach pictures! You can see some of the sneak peeks at Shoot the Moon photography. (I will link later this week when they are ready) I know I can't wait to see them. Until then I am going to post some of my pictures, or should I say Russ's pictures because he took more than I did today! After the pictures were take and Russ and I received a $50 parking ticket we headed to my Mom's and Dad's for the day......swimming, playing, and eating!

The earlier part of the week was pretty typical. Football practice, neighborhood wiffle ball games, kick the can, and bike riding. All of the neighborhood kids have been spending time together almost every day, and I love it. On Friday I had a crowd of kids age 2-15 playing at the house, it reminded me of when I was a kid.....before play dates and over planned activities. Also, I had the chance to go out to dinner with two friends, it was great to have a night out away from my people!

"The Neighborhood"

I am going to post some pictures from today, other than being cropped I was way to tired to edit them, however, I am looking forward to it. After they are edited I will post them in the gallery. This week is going to be really crazy. Tomorrow all the boys have a golf tournament...three different tee times...UGH! We also have football practice. Tuesday we have registration for school and TJ gets braces. Wednesday off to the cabin....YEAH!

June and Riley

Lil' Miss June

The cousins

Lisa and Tiffany


"The girls"

Have a great week!

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