Monday, August 10, 2009

Tales from the

My inability to maintain my home to the level I desire while I work part time and parent four kids is sadly apparent when you look at the shape of my garden. Each spring I have high hopes for the garden. This year was no different. I had a plan for weed control....the weeds were not going to win! Well, it is August, and the weeds, well, have won. In addition to the many weeds, I have not harvested my potatoes and the second lettuce crop will not be planted. Actually, I am not to sad about the lettuce because the goldfinches sit in the lettuce branches all day. What, you did not know that lettuce had branches? We have also been hit yet again with the dreaded Japanese Beetle. The Japanese Beetles will eat anything they like with little care about all the pesticide sprayed on their dinner!
However, I would not change a thing. The kids love the garden, especially June and I must say, the tomatoes do not know the difference. They taste just as sweet..... even though they do not live in a "weed free" community!

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Michelle said...

We always have so much to do and somthing always gets neglected a little.